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Pest Control

At L & T Exterminating, our comprehensive pest control services are designed to address all your pest-related concerns effectively. We understand the importance of a safe and comfortable environment for you and your loved ones, which is why we offer specialized pet control solutions. Our team of trained professionals is skilled in identifying and treating pests while ensuring the well-being and safety of your pets. We use pet-friendly products and methods that are gentle yet highly effective in eradicating pests. Whether it’s dealing with fleas, ticks, or any other pests that can affect your furry friends, we take a compassionate approach to keep them protected. With our pet control service, you can trust us to create a pest-free space where both you and your beloved pets can thrive.

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Our sterilization services are designed to eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens, creating a healthier and safer space for our clients in the United States. We utilize advanced sterilization techniques, state-of-the-art equipment, and effective disinfectants to thoroughly sanitize your surroundings. Our highly trained professionals follow stringent protocols to ensure that every corner is properly treated, leaving no room for pests or potential health hazards. With our sterilization services, you can have confidence in the cleanliness and well-being of your home or business, providing a pest-free environment for your peace of mind in the United States.

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Our Services


At Itexterminating, we understand the importance of sanitation in preventing pest infestations and promoting overall well-being. Our sanitation services are designed to eliminate sources of food, water, and shelter that attract pests, effectively reducing the risk of infestation. We employ industry-leading sanitation practices, including thorough cleaning, removal of debris, and proper waste management, to create an inhospitable environment for pests. Our team of experts takes a comprehensive approach, targeting both indoor and outdoor areas, to ensure that all potential breeding grounds and pest attractants are addressed.


Area of Service

Our comprehensive range of services at Itexterminating covers everything from thorough inspections and accurate pest identification to customized treatment plans and ongoing maintenance, guaranteeing effective and long-lasting results for your pest control needs.


Whether you reside in urban or suburban areas having a home, apartment, townhouse, or condominium, we are here to provide effective and reliable pest control solutions.


Our commercial pest control service extends its coverage to various sectors in the United States, including restaurants, offices, retail spaces, warehouses, hospitals, clinics, and more.

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